Everyone can understand basic chemistry, but it may be important to take a course in chemistry or even make a career out of it. It is important to understand chemistry if you are studying any of the science because all of the science involves matter and the interactions between types of matter. Students wanting to become doctors, nurses, physicists, nutritionists, geologists, pharmacists, and (of course) chemists all study chemistry. Students might want to make a career of chemistry because chemistry-related jobs are plentiful and high-paying. The importance of chemistry won’t be diminished over time, so it will remain a promising career path. Department of Chemistry is associated with the teaching of chemistry to the students of all the science courses of the college, ever-since the college was started. The Department has two well equipped laboratories with required chemicals for conducting regular practical classes, spot tests, project reports as well as research activities. These labs are equipped with instruments like electronic balance, double distillation apparatus, Fume hoods, Potentiometer, Conductometer, Heating oven, Spectrophotometer, suction pump etc. The instruments in the labs are being extensively used for carrying out various experiments prescribed in the syllabi as well as training the students in the improvement of experimental techniques. Teachers and students are able to carry out their research and project works, utilizing these facilities. In order to enhance intellectual development and research aptitude, students are encouraged to prepare presentations and undergo hands-on training themselves. The faculty and laboratory staff of the Department have been actively participating in various faculty development programmes, refresher and orientation courses etc. Students are also encouraged to work in various in-house projects in the Department.