The College provides basic infrastructure facilities for the students. It has a huge playground which has the capacity to accommodate 10,000 at once.

Also the Classrooms are huge and well equipped with basic infrastructure facilities of lights and fans respectively. The classrooms are quite spacious, ventilated and well lighted. They are well furnished with furniture and fittings.

Laboratories: The College has separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Psychology, Computer Science and IT.All the laboratories are adequately equipped as per the University norms.

Auditorium  : College has a fully air conditioned, ICT enabled auditorium  with 180 seating capacity. The various programmes like seminars, talks by eminent scholars, etc., are arranged in the Hall.

Audio-visual Aids: College has over-head projectors & LCD Projectors. The academics are shown to students in the Conference Hall as part of their curricular activities.

Canteen: There is a canteen at the ground floor building with variety of foods for students and staff


Information Communication Technology (ICT) are being increasingly used in library and information services for the acquisition, processing dissemination of information. Libraries and Information centers have been using ICT infrastructures and services to satisfy the diverse information need of their users.

Here at RGC, we also have IT labs well equipped with computers and updated software’s which students can avail the facilities to the fullest. Also, Seminar rooms where we have overhead projectors which are used as a part of curricular activities.