Rajiv Gandhi College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Vashi was Established in 2002 by Sainath Education Trust in leadership of Shri. Haribansh R Singh (M.P), a vibrant leader of masses. RGC offers Graduate and Post-Graduate Degree in field of Commerce and Science. Apart from M.com in Business Management and M.Sc in Research, College also offers Bachelor’s Degree in B.Com, B.Sc, BMS, BAF, B.Sc(IT), B.Sc(CS).

Apart from curricular activities, College is very keen to promote extra-curricular activities and RGC is one of the leading College in Navi Mumbai to organize Inter-Collegiate and Inter-Zonal tournaments of University of Mumbai.

प्रारRAMBH Navi Mumbai is also an initiative undertaken by RGC and specially, We the students to provide a platform to youth for Sports, Literary Arts, Fine Arts and Performing Arts. This Inter-Collegiate event is going to provide wide exposure for Junior as well as Degree College students to showcase their skills and talents with the theme “The Beginning of Mega Celebration” for which this event is meant.

‘प्रारRAMBH – Navi Mumbai’ is the annual inter-collegiate cultural festival of Rajiv Gandhi College, Vashi which is to be conducted from Dec 16 to Dec 22 2017. It is biggest extravaganza of Navi Mumbai which attracts students from all parts of Navi Mumbai & Mumbai. It is a platform that nurtures young talent. It is a festival that is completely youth – oriented and is the most prominent college festival all over Navi Mumbai.




प्रारRAMBH ki Canteen is an entrepreneurial initiative taken by Rajiv Gandhi College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Vashi (RGC). The main aim behind forming this Canteen is to give students a practical exposure of entrepreneurship. The objective behind introducing this to students is to the basic steps required to plan, start and run a business by having them actually do all of these things that are a part of start-up.

While the initiative is taken to guide the students, the success of प्रारRAMBH Ki Canteen is determined by the team’s efforts.

Students are required to identify real business customers; to define and deliver products and services: to negotiate with customers and to finance Canteens operations.

Learning Objectives:

Students are expected to develop a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts of business management and functional activities, including:

Flow of Activities of प्रारRAMBH ki Canteen:

Stage 1: Advertisement & Promotion.

The very first and foremost step will be promoting the entrepreneurship initiative among the students through various forms of advertising and publicity.

Advertising will be through banners

Stage 2:Bidding.

Students or Interested candidates will be offered stalls and they can purchase these stalls through a process called ‘Bidding.’

Criteria for Bidding:

  • To Participate in Bidding the Teams have to deposit an initial amount of Rs. 500. Once the initial amount is deposited the participants are eligible for the bidding process and can participate in Bidding.
  • The Uniqueness of this Bidding Process is that the bidding team have to bid for minimumguaranteedunit sales per day per stall. If a participating team has won the bid then further Rs.500 will be deposited by them which will be refundable after the fest.
  • Shortfall of guaranteed unit sales per day per stall will be compensated by participating teams.
  • Minimum 4 members in a participating team

Stage 3: Operating Cycle

Once the stalls are allotted to the students the following would be the operating cycle:

  • Cash Counter will be allotted to 2 persons who will be a part of Operational team There would be a Separate Kitchen team who would be working along with the cooks.
  • Once cash is received a token for specific order will be allotted to the customers.
  • Once the customer got the token he will place his order with the specific seller and the seller will place the order by means of special Whatsapp group created for this specific purpose with specific Stall number.
  • Whatsapp group will be created with each sellers added to that group. Each sellers name will be coded by their respective Stall number.
  • g., Stall of Vada Pav will be coded as Stall No. 1 so whenever an order is placed with the Stall no 1 immediately he will immediately place an order in the whatsapp group and it will be reflected by the name of Stall no 1 order – Vada Pav .
  • Once the order is placed by the stalls in whatsapp group the Canteen team will immediately inform the cook about the order and accordingly the response will be given in the Whatsapp group as ‘Stall No 1 your order is ready to be served.’
  • One Student will be assigned by each respective stall member to get the order from the Kitchen.
  • The Order will then be finally served to the customers.

Class Format and Activities:

The Students will be divided into following different teams of ‘प्रारRAMBH ki Canteen’.

Waste Management:

There will be 2 Separate disposable bin bags for ‘dry waste’ and ‘wet waste’ at each stall. There will also be a common dustbin for Excessive waste. Apart from this, there will also be a team of cleaners appointed by College to clean filthy cooking utensils and scattered waste.

Hygiene Maintenance:

Due care has been taken while serving as well as cooking. Participant teams will be wearing Aprons, hand gloves as well as Buoffant caps. Food will be served in disposable plates in order to avoid filthy plates.

Accounting Procedure for ‘प्रारRAMBH ki Canteen’

Since प्रारRAMBH is a ‘7 day event’, at the end of each day orders placed and cash received will be computed so that every day the account is maintained and accordingly the Students or sellers can plan for their next day activities like stock keeping, or such basic operational requirements.

On the last day of प्रारRAMBH’ all the accounts will be verified by Accounts Team and a proper financial record will be maintained so that no fraudulent takes place.

Distribution of Profit:

10% of the Profit from each stall will be distributed among the participants and rest of the profit will be donated to an NGO of Cancer Patients.

Cancer is a difficult journey for both the suffering and their relatives.As responsible citizens of the society we wish to serve these‘Brave Warriors’and be a part of their battle.

This initiative is taken for creating awareness and fund raising to help the cancer patients so that we can create a better place for them.

As rightly said:

‘We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.’

We may not be able to bear the pain of cancer patients but can definitely be a helping hand in this difficult journey called ‘Life’.

‘One person can make a difference and everyone should try.’

प्रारRAMBH 2016

प्रारRAMBH – Navi Mumbai’ is the annual inter-collegiate cultural festival of Rajiv Gandhi College, Vashi which is to be conducted from Dec 16 to Dec 22 2017. It is biggest extravaganza of Navi Mumbai which attracts students from all parts of Navi Mumbai & Mumbai. It is a platform that nurtures young talent.

It is a festival that is completely youth – oriented and is the most prominent college festival all over Navi Mumbai.

We had a footfall of about 18000 students on 7 days of प्रारRAMBH – Navi Mumbai’ which included students from our college and other colleges of Navi Mumbai, Thane & Raigad District.

Our College has strength of over 3100 students across 8 courses.

Also we had about 6000 students from over 192 colleges participating across 61 events.

20 articles coverage in newspapers like Hindustan Times, Lokdrushti, Navshakti, Navnagri, Vashi Times, Newsband was received.

30 celebrities added icing on the cake for the whole celebration including Aman Verma, SIkander Khan, Akshata SOnawane, mountaineer Vijaya Punt Tuli and many more.

Following are the links of the videos broadcasted on YOUTUBE.

प्रारRAMBH 2017

  • After having a major beginning of this Mega Fest, the next year theme of प्रारRAMBH 2017 was Way to your dreams. This year प्रारRAMBH was much bigger than before. We had nearly 20000 students who participated across the arenas and made this event a big hit. Also, great personalities like Dance +3 Winner Bir Radha Sherpa, Amardeep Singh Natt, Manik Paul, Ajaz Khan, Tuttix Crew made this Year प्रारRAMBH 2017 a huge and a successful one.

    This year we at RGC also took the initiative of starting off a new and unique concept of entrepreneurship of प्रारRAMBH ki Canteen. Where our own students were given an opportunity of experiencing practical entrepreneurship skills. The overall development of the student is taken care off by such initiatives taken here.