Association of Rajiv Gandhi College Vashi Alumni [ARGCVA]

Hi Alumnus,
Welcome to “Association of Rajiv Gandhi College Vashi Alumni [ARGCVA] “(Registered in 2015 no is MAH/1228/15/Thane). We are in the process of reviving this association for mutual benefits to alumni and RGC. Let’s Re-energize, Re-Connect, Re-vive & Re-kindle our experience of being a part of RGC. Being a part of RGC must have been a wonderful experience for you. It gave you so many wonderful friends and lifelong cherished memories. This is an attempt of ours to bring you all together to share those memories and get connected to RGC alumni network. Alumni?
Be a RGC graduate, you are our proud alumnus. If you are a graduate of 2015 or before, Share your information here else you are always welcome to become a member if you are a graduate of 2015 batch or later, you are welcome to become a member Student? Benefits of being a member of [ARGCA]
Share your professional experience wealth with current and future students as they look forward to you to guide them with their career choices.. Come and give a talk in our section of – ALUMNI TALKS. A wonderful platform to let students know about you, your company and also to guide them with your wealth of knowledge and experience.