These are established systems and procedures for maintaining and Utilizing physical, academic and support facilities:-

The governing body of College along with the Principal decides the guidelines for overall development. There are different committees to look into maintenance and other infrastructural facilities.

⚫ Infrastructural Facilities: Infrastructural Facilities are maintained periodically by college development committee that has a team of contractors, plumber, electrician, supervisors and carpenter.

⚫ Optimum utilization of Infrastructural facilities: Optimum utilization of class rooms, laboratories ,computer labs with LCD Projector ,AVs rooms and seminar/conference hall are ensured by allocating time table for each department before commencement of semester.

⚫ Computers ,IT Equipment’s software: Repairing and maintenance of computer ,IT equipment’s and software are conducted before semester examination by Lab assistant under supervision of HOD’s of respective departments. Each academic department has at least one computer system and a Printer machine Departmental computers and laptops shall be used only for academic and administrative purposes. Hardware up gradation shall be done as per requirement.

⚫ Annual Maintenance: Repairing and maintenance of the following facilities are ensured through various suppliers.
I) Generator
II) Air Conditioner
III) UPS and Batteries
IV) Water Purifiers
V) Drinking Water cooler
VI)Xerox/Printer Machine

⚫ Health Hygiene: Housekeeping staff is appointed to maintain cleanliness and hygienic conditions including of class rooms, seminar halls, computer labs, faculty rooms, office, library, corridors, rest rooms and parking spaces. Water tank cleaning services are hired by Institute. Sanitary napkin vending machine First-Aid Kit is available in the Institute.

⚫ Library: Institute ensures effective utilization and maintenance of the library through library committee .It keeps track on new books requirement, renewable and subscription of journals and books circulations. IT facilities of the library are maintained by lab assistants. E-journals available for students & teachers to promote research activity. Each student of the college to be given a library card to access the resources. In exchange of the library card, students can take any three books at a given point of time and they shall return the same within stipulated time failing which a specified disciplinary action can be taken against the concerned student. Ranker students have additional library cards.

⚫Sports Equipment’s Facilities: Maintenance of playground other sports/Gym equipment’s are ensured under college development and Infrastructure committee. Gym equipment’s are available for students and teachers. The Institutes Sports In-charge is responsible to take care of sports equipment’s, facilitiesand regular intra & inter-collegiate sports activities in co-ordination with University.

⚫ Internet Facility: Institution provides internet facility through Wi-Fi by using access points .Internet connection is provided to students on mobile phones, laptops. infrastructure, computing communication resources, offers students the facilities of e-mail, net surfing, up/down loading of web based application, besides helping them in preparing projects & seminars.

⚫ Campus Security: The CCTV has been installed at all prominent location such as parking, entrance gate, corridor, laboratories, classrooms, canteen, and office and more importantly at Exam cell to prohibit malpractices and security guards are also appointed on campus and these services are maintained by administration of the institution. A fire extinguisher is refilled and checked before the due date of expiry.