Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities:

The governing body of College along with the Principal decides the guidelines for overall development. There are different committees to look into maintenance and other infrastructural facilities.

1.  Library Advisory Committee The library has advisory committee with a Librarian as convener and faculty members nominated as member of the committee by principal. This committee meets to discuss the function, requirements, utilization of resources, distribution of funds and other matter pertaining to the library.
2.  Infrastructural Guidelines and policies (For use, repair and maintenance) Use of classrooms: Class representatives have to report any breakages/ none functioning of instruments (LCD) in maintenance register and report to the concerned authority. Regular cleaning and maintenance is carried out so as to provide effective learning environment to the students.
3.  Uses of Laboratories Students are not permitted in the laboratories without the presence of the faculty teacher. Regular servicing and maintenance is carried out for the instruments.
4.  Computers: Lab assistants under the supervision of the System administrator maintain the efficiency of the college computers and accessories. Regular up gradation is carried out for computers and software.
5.  There is a dead stock register maintained where nonfunctional equipment’s are mentioned. The maintenance of infrastructure. Accession records are maintained at the purchase for library as well as for all laboratories.
6.  Sports facility: Regular maintenance is carried out for gymnasium, sports equipment and sport material from experts in the field.
7.  Optimum working condition of all properties/ equipment on the campus is ensured through annual maintenance contracts (AMC). The AMC purview includes maintenance of Generator, Air Conditioners, CCTV cameras and Water Purifiers.
8.  The campus maintenance is monitored through surveillance Cameras.
9.  Every department maintains a stock register for the available equipment.
10.  College provides free Wi-Fi Campus and ICT facility.
11.  Housekeeping services are regularly executed and monitored.
12.  College having browsing center for students in library, I.T Lab and soft skill development lab.