Physical Infrastructure

Cafeteria: The College has a canteen/cafeteria for students, teachers and employees.

Drinking Water: College provides clean and hygienic drinking water facility which has been installed at each floor for the benefit of students and staff.

Student’s Common Room: Common Room with required amenities like Water Supply, Electricity, Sanitation and Furniture are available Separately for Girls.

College Library: The College has Library, for all traditional courses situated on 6th floor . Besides text books, the library has subscribed to a number of periodicals including magazine, journals, newspaper of regional. The library is equipped with well-furnished Reading space for students and teachers along with the facilities like. The students can borrow books from library for specific period of time. For that purpose, they are issued with College Library Cards.

Playground for Sports: The College provides playground and turf for outdoor sports like Kabaddi Cricket, Bad Minton, Football, Kho Kho, etc. The College organizes various intracollegiate and zonal sports activities annually in the College premises and on Ground.

Auditorium /Seminar Hall: The auditorium is used for organizing various college functions including Seminars, Workshops, meetings, Cultural Shows etc. An auditorium is available constructed aiming to provide decorated stage and a good sitting capacity for participants in college.

Halls and Rooms: Several spacious Rooms and Halls are available for Course classes. These halls and rooms have un-interrupted power supply.

Counselor: The college has the full-time counselor for students as well as for teaching and non-teaching staff.

Health Care and Sanitization Facility: 24 hours Aqua drinking water facility is available for both teachers and students. Sanitation facility with adequate numbers of Urinals and Latrine are provided for teachers and students

Safety Measures: For Students safety, personal is deputed in the College gate where entry and exit of outsiders are observed and recorded. Moreover, the college has boundary.

Information Resources: Students have access to various information sources like College Notice Board, Library Notice Board, Separate Departmental Notice Board. Information is notified in due time by the concerned notification authority. Moreover, Students have access to facilities like Internet and WI-FI connectivity in entire College campus.

Facilities for especially abled person: like Lift, Ramp, washroom.

Gymnasium: The College has well equipped Gymkhana in which Carom, Table Tennis, Chess is made available for the students. It has a Gymnasium for Physical Exercise for the students and the staff.


The college has sufficient classrooms. Classrooms are fully ventilated with sufficient benches, lights, fans and CCTV cameras. There is an abundance of infrastructural resources such as Lecture Halls, Tutorial rooms. On a regular basis floors and benches are clean. The requirements are communicated to the Head of the Institute by the infrastructure committee.


LABORATORIES:- There are Laboratories for the departments of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science and Information Technology. The list of lab requirements is prepared by the department head and coordinator. The Principal along with (CDC) College Development Committee sanctions the required budget. The quotations are received from the eligible suppliers and orders are placed. The institution outsources the maintenance of physical infrastructure.

COMPUTERS:- The College has computer labs for departments of Computer Science and Information Technology. The College office has computers for the day to day office work. The computers are also provided in every department. Optimum utilization of Computer labs with LCD Projectors and AV rooms are ensured by allocating a time table for each department before commencement of semester. Repairing and maintenance of computer, IT equipment and software are done before semester commencement by Lab assistants under supervision of coordinators of respective departments. The coordinators give the list of requirements to the admin. Admin staff place the budget for approval to principal.


SPORTS ROOM:- The college has a wide area for sports, games, gymnasium, yoga center. The Physical Instructor manages the sports activities and supervises the maintenance of sports equipment. The requirements for sports equipment are discussed by the sports committee. The committee finalizes the requirements at its meeting and forwards it to the Head of admin. The Head of admin gets the approval for the procurement from the Principal and management. The schedule for sports competition is prepared by the sports committee. The committee ensures the smooth conduct of all sports activities and events.


This space has been designed to give female students a place to relax, study, and have informal discussions in free time. College has a provision for Girls Common Room where the girl students may sit, rest and go for recreation.


Seminar rooms are used for staff training and staff information delivery. Seminar rooms are sometimes also used as 'rooms for hire' to suitable third parties and will typically need appropriate fixtures and access to amenities. The space may also be used as a general student teaching space.


The Skill Development Lab emphasizes on different types of model making, which enables the students to experiment with various material, lighting, structure, prototype, mock-up model by using different kinds of tools and equipment.


This laboratory has all the necessary equipment for preparation of samples and standards for various analyses of liquid and solid samples. The laboratory houses traditional equipment including glassware, fume hoods, a muffle furnace, centrifuge, aggregate mill, ph meter, potentiometer, conductivity meter, calorimeter, magnetic stirrer, digital weightbalance, vacuum pump, oven, digital balance, conductometer.


The College has Fully air-conditioned Auditorium with good ambience. Auditorium has a sufficient number of lights and fans with project, sound system; podium .Electricians do the audit of equipment on a regular basis. The concerned department and committee have to book the auditorium in advance by consulting the Principal. College Infrastructure committee place the requirements for the auditorium to admin for the necessary sanction.


Library is Automated Using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)

Rajiv Gandhi College of Arts Commerce & Science at Juhu Nagar Vashi Navi Mumbai has a spacious library area with a huge collection of textbooks,Reference books,Magazines,journals and many useful books for students. The library is located on the 6th floor of the main college building. The collection includes 865 Reference books, 36 journals, 186 e-journals, 1249 textbooks, 60 CD's and Videos, 9 Newspaper,9 Magazines which will help the student to learn and expand the knowledge.It forms a habit of reading among students.When a student is looking for a solution,wants to develop something or is got some errors during innovation,he or she will turn to the library to take different ideas.The various activities of the library such as data entry, issue and return and renewal of books, member logins etc are done. Records of users ,entry & exit time were properly monitored. Users can use the books from the collection by providing title, author, publisher etc. The books are being bar-coded and the users are given a library card. Library data is managed properly to check the record as and when needed.The library has closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance Cameras which covers full library areas to monitor and to record each and every activity going in the library.

Physical Infrastructure

The College has separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Psychology, Computer Science and IT.All the laboratories are adequately equipped as per the University norms.

College has a fully air conditioned, ICT enabled auditorium  with 180 seating capacity. The various programmes like seminars, talks by eminent scholars, etc., are arranged in the Hall.

College has over-head projectors & LCD Projectors. The academics are shown to students in the Conference Hall as part of their curricular activities.

There is a canteen at the ground floor building with variety of foods for students and staff.

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