Emerging as a centre of excellence & innovation through holistic & transformative ideologies/organisation.


M – Making alliances with academic & industry partners to enhance comprehensive development / skills.
I – Integrating procedures & systems in a cordial manner.
S –Seek excellence, constantly assessing our policies & programmes.
S – Sustain a caring and supportive climate throughout the college.
I – Inspiring intellectual honesty and living with integrity.
O – Outstanding teaching & service.
N – Nurturing continuous improvement of working relationships at all levels in the college.

 To deepen & extend knowledge about the formation and utilization of human capabilities.
 To enhance the commitment of RGC family to centrality of diversity & democratic citizenship.

Minutes of IQAC meetings

IQAC- 2016-17

Theme   Optimizing E-Resources .

Plans (2016-17)

  • Strengthen the Alumni association- felicitate illustrious Alumni.
  • Enhance the green initiative in the college campus.
  • Contribute to the national mission of “Swacha Bharat Abhiyan”.
  • Revise timeline processes and Roll of Honor.
  • Strengthen the Parent Teacher’s Co-ordination Committee
  • Organize soft skills and IT training programs for non-teaching staff.
  • Develop online feedback system for quality assurance.
  • To conduct National Seminar on Library Science and Information.
  • Standardization and monitoring of Forum activities- online feedback system.
  • Include financial health lectures in the Wellness Program.
  • Faculty development- Outdoor Management programme.

IQAC- 2015-16

Theme: 360º Connect

Plans for 2015-16:

  • Research: Seminars and Conferences to be organised during the year. Lectures Series on Research Methodology to motivate teachers and students to pursue research.
  • Review of timeline process
  • Broaden the horizon of the Self Development Cell: Inclusion of Diet & Nutrition and Legal counselling lectures for stakeholders in the neighbourhood.
  • Integrate Alumni Association in the Platinum Jubilee Celebration by organizing Podar Ratna Award and a musical evening for the alumni and students.
  • Project mentoring for T.Y.B.M.S. students by alumni.
  • Design of a college template for Power point presentation.
  • National Seminar on Library Science to be conducted with U.G.C. sponsorship
  • Wellness Programme for staff to continue
  • Sports mentoring to continue.
  • Role of teacher mentors to be enhanced; to take up the role of counsellors and motivate slow learners and economically disadvantaged students.

Quality Advisory Committee (QAC)

The following members will constitute the Quality Advisory Committee (QAC):


IQAC- 2014-15


“Research : Quest for knowledge”.

Objectives :

  • To stimulate research environment in the institution.
  • To create a green campus.
  • To foster skill development amongst staff and students.
  • Community engagement through lectures and workshops.

Plan of Action :

  • To promote faculty members to apply for Minor and Major Research Projects and write research papers.
  • To promote research amongst students through participation in all Research competitions and seminars.
  • Conduct ICSSR sponsored 10 days Research Methodology Programme for faculty pursuing research.
  • Conduct external Academic Audit
  • Install solar panels in the College.
  • Certificate programme in Spoken English and ICT training programme for non-teaching staff.
  • Enhance the Backward Linkage Programme.
  • Arthasikshan Abhiyan for stakeholders.
  • Wellness programme for the non- teaching staff.
  • Apply to NAAC for National level Seminar on Quality systems in Educational Institutions.

Quality Advisory Committee (QAC)